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Advanced Diploma In Naturopathy

Advanced Diploma In Naturopathy

Course Code HLT60502
Fee Code ADN
Duration (approx) 4000 hours

Duration: This Program has an apprximate duration of around 4000 hours, comprising 3,540 hours of home study and 400 hours of seminars plus 240 hours of clinical training.

Course Structure:

Part A: Undertaken with Courses Direct Distance Education

  1. Anatomy & Physiology I
  2. Nutrition I
  3. Nutrition II
  4. Nutrition III
  5. Biochemistry I
  6. Biochemistry II
  7. Biochemistry III
  8. Biology (Cell Biology)
  9. Introduction to Psychology
  10. Counselling

Part B: Undertaken with Health Schools Australia

  1. Herbal Medicine
  2. Disorder Profiles/Clinical Practice 1-4
  3. Chemistry
  4. Advanced Herbal Medicine
  5. Remedial Massage
  6. Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  7. Advanced Nutrition
  8. Iridology
  9. History & Philosophy Of Natural Medicine
  10. Pathophysiology & Symptomatology
  11. Ethics & Jurisprudence
  12. Practice Management
  13. Occupational Health & Safety

What you should be able to do once you complete the course

Contribute to effective workplace relationships.

Develop professional expertise.

Manage a practice.

Communicate effectively with clients/patients.

Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate.

Apply advanced first aid (O/S).

Apply basic first aid.

Contribute to organisational effectiveness in the Health Industry.

Manage the control of infection.

Provide Naturopathic treatment.

Provide the Western Herbal Medicine treatment.

Provide Naturopathic nutritional treatment.

Plan the Naturopathic treatment strategy.

Perform Naturopathic health assessment.

Manage work within the Naturopathic framework.

Apply Naturopathic diagnostic framework.

Work within a Naturopathic framework.

Provide specialised Western Herbal Medicine treatment.

Operate a Western Herbal Medicine dispensary.

Work within a massage framework.

Perform Massage health assessment.

Apply Massage assessment framework.

Plan the massage treatment.

Provide the massage treatment.

Apply literature research findings to Clinical Nutritional practice.

Provide specialised Nutritional care.

The Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy is equivalent to General Practitioner in Natural Medicine and studied in conjunction with Health Schools Australia. The advanced diploma will be awarded by Health Schools Australia on completion and endorsed by ACS. ACS and Health Schools Australia are leading providers of Distance Education.


This course is divided into Part A and Part B. Part A is undertaken with ACS and Part B is undertaken with Health Schools Australia. Health Schools Australia is the leading training provider of complementary medicine courses. Health Schools Australia is accredited by Australian Traditional Medicine Society (A.T.M.S.), National Herbalist Association of Australia (N.H.A.A.), IARC and Queensland Association of Massage Therapists.

This Naturopathic Course is also Accredited in 35-40 States of America, and has been approved by the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ACNB). Graduates qualify for ANCB's certification exam in Traditional Naturopathy. Successful completion of this exam earns one the designation of "Certified Traditional Naturopath," or "CTN.

Career Choices: You can practice as a Naturopath or Nutritionist being able to register fully as such with ATMS or other complementary medicine associations and prescribe practitioners' lines nutritional supplements. This Advanced Diploma will enable you to work in a Health Centre or your own private practice, as a partner in Complementary Medicine centres or in supplements companies. The recent explosion in Natural Medicine popularity is set to continue as people seek safer, more natural ways to heal themselves. Natural Therapists are on the cutting edge of this ‘Wellness Wave’. And the career options are limitless! Work for yourself, while you help to transform the lives of people, as well as your own. Other possible careers also include teaching, research or even life coaching! Follow your spirit to a career in Natural Medicine today.

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